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This garbage app been charging my account weekly... garbage almost 200$ down the f garbage... I need answers!!! Refund beware of this garbage!!! Support contact me ASAP



Will not let me install it

Will not let me install it

The Worst app

Useless app and very expensive for nothing I advise everyone to not download it.

I don’t want this

How can I cancel?


Wow yeah I agree I wanted to use it but u have to buy it

Monthly subscription??

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous paid apps to reach the App Store. No reasonable human being is going to pay over $100 a year to change their ringtone. Keep dreaming guys.

This is not free

In fact it is quite expensive. Could someone tell me how to contact this scam company to get this app and billing stopped?

Why do you need to pay!

You app won’t be successful if you make me pay $12.99 for a colored screen! You could at least make ads in the app! I’m not even doing the free trial


Not worth


It makes you pay to use the app


I do not like this app because you have to pay for it instantly after you download.

Yal gonna hell for this.

I’m not sure why this app has 4 Stars. I cant believe you people are trying to make people to pay $12.99 a week got this app.


This app is crook dos not worth it even too try


How do I delete the subscription??

Make it free

Dude just make it for free I actually got excited when I saw the ad until I open the app and it said get your free trial today by the way I don’t have any money so yeah

Honestly trash

Ok so it’s cool at the first even though all I see are the commercials for it... but never mind that. Ok so I download it and BAM🙌 you have to pay for it,I don’t want to have to pay 12 dollars monthly for a app that probably doesn’t work! So I did the 3 day free trial and it won’t work unless the person your calling has the app. It’s a piece of trash!🖕

Crazy overpriced

I down loaded it, opened and immediately deleted after a saw 30 a month and 150 a year. And just for a colored screen when a call pops up.


I deleted it soon as I saw you had to pay. The lies!


Can someone explain me why do you get charge for something you can used one day and cancel during the firs day of a free month trial?


I know having this feature is cool but i cannot even get trough the first setting without having to choose a membership. This is bull sh*t that is why I don’t get these kind of apps.

$13 a week are you high

Ur 100% high


I don’t like this app you have to pay for it mounthly and its to much money .why do we have to pay to get in I hate this so please change this

م توقعت انه كذا الكذب يوصل

للأسف فاشل وكذب

Why pay

This app is doo doo brother

Legit the worse thing ever like I’m gonna waste my money on getttytt out of here



Waste of time and money . Not worth it . I would never pay for something as stupid as this

Total scam

Don’t use it total scam

greedy app

u have to pay so much money this app is super greedy for nothing



Don’t download it’s not free

Don’t download it’s not free


Highly overpriced for what it does. I can see paying 5 bucks for the app and choosing to renew as new themes are added. But from the beginning its a three day trial or WAY too much money to start. Really innovative but you just loose potential revenue by being sneaky. Poor decision.

Not worth it

Save your data by not downloading it and most importantly save your money.. this app isn’t worth it

Omg 😡

The app you have to pay i not going to pay for a dumb app

Bad bad bad

Got this app thinking it was animated screens for when someone calls! NOPE this app you have to pay for and you have to make calls through the app AND it suckkkksss. Save your time and don’t download.


Por favor esta aplicacion la bajo mi niña sin mi permiso llevo 2 meses pagando y quiero q m ayuden a cancelarla o m digan como puedo hacerlo , muchas gracias.


You guys are butt Holes just make it free

Could You Make This Free Plz?!

When I Saw A Add I Thought It Was Cool And Wanted To Get It But It’s Just Crap. When You First Get In You Automatically Shut Down And Delete The App Cuz When You See A App Like That No One Wants It. I Only Give This App A 1 Star Review.




Who the hell is willing to pay 12 dollars per week? Or 30 dollars per month or 140 dollars per year for a cool accessory like this???? No one!!!! Making me waste my time and download an app that when you go in there is Subscription. To the owner of this app, good luck on making my net on this pal. How about you learn from sound cloud and Spotify and pandora, multi billion dollar apps that did not give us subscriptions of the both and let us listen to music for free with a couple of ads in them.

Do not buy

Do not buy this will not let you restore purchase even in the free trial!!


I got this app had about 10 minutes didn’t like it deleted it and I’ve been getting charged every week for it!!!😡😡😡


So I never downloaded this app and it’s not in my apps yet it is in iTunes making purchases without my authorization stole $70 from me at $12 a week before I figured it out do not download this app check your phone to make sure It didn’t bogusly attach itself to your phone. I want my money back.

Sooooooooo bad app

I never use app terrible like this app. It's so bad. My phone start holding when I use this app.


So when I saw this app on Instagram as an ad I’m like WOW that’s AWESOME!!!! So then like any other person would do they would download this app. So I download this “free” app expecting to be sucked about this sick awesome looking background for receiving calls. Well the first thing that happens when you enter the app is: Here is your free 3 DAY trial and after it is over you will be billed $12.99 a WEEK or you could choose the $29.99 a MONTH or the $139.99 a YEAR for this so called “FREE” app. Now I decided we’ll let’s check this out for the 3 DAY free trial anyway. Now you would expect a smooth EASY to use app after spending that much money on cosmetics I mean really. But this app was SO CONFUSING it made NO sense WHATSOEVER. Then I looked even closer at the details and I saw at the top of the contacts list in the app that it said your number is: 3712027 or something like that so I’m like wait up here this ain’t my phone number nor is it even a phone number so now I’m like annoyed because not only would you have to have the app you would have to make calls THROUGH the app and only through the app. Also you have to get everyone else you know to buy the so called “FREE” app and also USE it instead of the already created PHONE app BUILT into EVERY PHONE EVER MADE. So by this point I’m like what in the tarnations is this?! Because now I have to get other people to spend $12.99 a week on a stupide cosmetic thing for thier phone calls that when you get a phone call it’s a race to answer the phone as fast as possible so now I’m paying like an insane amount of money for a freaking thing I see 2 secconds out of my day. NOT TO MENTION the 0 secconds I would ever see it because no one else would buy this so it’s pointless. Also the fact that I can barely navigate throughout the app and also that I could not find much selection between the wall papers or whatever they are. This app NEEDS a TON of MAJOR IMPROVMENTS like easy to use works with reagular iOS calling uses your ACCTUAL phone number and also a MAJOR DIFFERENCE IN PRICE! I am rating this a 1 star because that’s the lowest it goes but I would rate this litterally 0/5 stars because it is ALL AROUND a terrible investment even if the app was acctually free instead of “FREE” I probably still would rate it 0/5 stars that is how terrible it is and the pricing is just the terrible icing on the terrible cake that no one wants. Thank you for reading the whole thing it took 30 mins to write all this my thumbs are tired.

Smh disappointed

I got the free trial because I wanted to see how it works. I tried many ways and it didn’t work but had cool looking pictures and savers so I subscribed 12.99 to see if maybe I had to get it to work properly. Nope a WEEK went by and it never worked when someone called or texted or anything... smh the night I got charged AGAIN 12.99 I emailed Apple about returning my money if not for the week before but at least for the second one but nope they said contact the developer which I did and nothing. Messaged Apple again and nothing! Ugh never again and 12.99 FOR ONE WEEK??? WTH smh... well f me I guess for fooling me twice..

Both Users Must Have These App to Work

The calls have to be made through the app; this just like another messenger app. It doesn’t work with your regular line / calls. Why Pay $13 a month when Messenger, whatsapp is free?

Pay to use

I expected this to make my phone calls bright and colorful for me and my friends. I open it up and you have to pay. And the free trial is THREE. DAYS. Most are for a whole week. This app deserves 1 star. Or you can a year for 150. I think this app should be free to use. And all of your contacts have to have this app too to use. I think that is ridiculous. Just don’t waste your time with this. Don’t get it


Never orders this app and it is now taking money out of my account!! How do I stop it ????

A total scam.

A scam. Totally not worth it. Make sure you read the about subscriptions. Very unhappy person who would never have used this crap in the first place. It’s extremely hard to cancel during the free trial.

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