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Keeps trying to self purchase

I uses this app when i first got my iphone and i deleted it with out realizing it would keep charging so i guess someone hacked into my account and kept repurchasing it through my account how do i stop the payments cause apple support didnt do anything...? If anyone has any suggestions please let me know


Why make the app free, try to make us pay to actually use the app? That doesn’t make sense. I deleted the app as soon as I saw that I had to pay. Don’t get this app, it’s a waste of time and money.

Bull crap

I asked you guys to take my subscription off why would I pay 12.99 for nothing and you just tried to charge my card now I can’t download it till I pay for it wich I will not I need some one to call or email me in the next 24 hours

Accidentally paid for this and didn’t want it

How do I cancel it?


I’m not paying for this I give I star

Not worth your time

Without even knowing fully if app will work, you are only given option of short “trial period” then $12.99 per week!!! Insane!!! Better off finding an app that’s free for a longer period of time before making $$ commitment.

You have to pay

So mad we have to pay its says free so it should be free 🙄🙄🙄

False Advertisement

Really!!?? $13 A Month. Hell No!

Big no no!

This app will charge you 130.00 monthly. Is so dumb.

Product does not work

Developer you just had charge me without the service whenever I tried to use the productIt gives me an error message and end of the month you take funds from my account that’s call scamming Do you something before I report you In advance

Not worth it

Waste of money not worth it said it was free when it really is it

Color Your Call 👎🏽

After the free 7 days why is it $12 a day? I’ve used more useful apps that only cost about that much in a month, but whoever made this app is just greedy. $12 a day and $130 something for a year, but what am I getting for that price? It’s a complete waste of money and their is more apps just like it that’s better and free.


12.99 a week that is laughable and so absurd. App will go no where waste of time for something that can be free

Really pay?

Will not pay for somthing like this !

Uninstalled right after I installed

I installed it soon as I saw I had to pay I uninstalled it, don’t say app is free but have to PAY in order to use it period!


It’s not free like it said

no thanks

one word stupid. who would actually pay 140$ for this. asking too much price


We have to buy before using this app why ?

Should have no stars

This app looked cool until it charges 13.99$ monthly when I accidentally downloaded it in the first place I want my money back


No one will pay that much I wouldn’t


I saw this on Instagram and tap on it and it download to my account and now making me pay 9.99 when i DONT have the app on my phone scam i need y’all to take it off i have a block in my account from this i need a CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER ASAP

Don’t even waste your time!!!😡😡😡

Free to download but $12.99/week!!!😡 Wish there was -stars I could give or at least no stars. Too expensive for a phone call! No thank you, I’ll pass🙄😡


This app is useless. Even the customer care line is pointless since they never pick up. I’ve called so many times to get a refund and it’s pointless. This app is not what it’s worth. I’m so disgusted by this app company that I might file a lawsuit


Toooo much, there’s different ways you could make people pay. Not what your doing right now, you are very over priced. For what it is. You could just sell individual characters or whatever. Not make people Pay so much. Than say is free -.- really ?

A joke

Jajajajajajaja . This was my reaction when it ask Me to paid 139.99 a year to use this app . Not in this f$&@ life . 🤔🤔🤔✌🏻✌🏻

Too expensive

I would totally subscribe to this if it was like 3.99 a month or even 4.99, 5.99 but 12 something every week, are you guys CRAZY?!?!? I mean if you provided a cheaper monthly subscription, you would probably get many more subs and make more money in the long run.

12.99 a week for a novelty is absurd

Non essential app, no way I’d pay this much


I thought this would be a pretty cool app to try...until I saw that it was a $139 🤷🏽‍♀️ No no no and no again. That’s ridiculous and most of all just sad!

this has to be a practical joke

free trial FOR 3 MEASLY DAYS and THEN $12.99 A WEEK?! If you are thinking about subcribing long term, the COST IS $139.99 PER YEAR! Something is amiss.



Its not free

You need to pay not good Not every body can pay 🙁

Don’t be tricked

You can download for free but then you have to pay to use. I’m not talking a one time cost. That I might be ok with. But this is a subscription and an expensive one to boot


Solo lo puse para ver y no se tenia que pagar y ahora me están cobrando $10.02 y no se ni como quitarlo 😡 los demandaré

139.99 for 12 months

Not paying that. Assumed it was a FREE app its not.

No way not paying that price!

Ok I get the developers probably worked hard. But to pay $12.99 a week is ridiculous. Definitely click bate when the Ad on IG says free, lies!!

I hate it

Saw an ad for this on instagram thought it looked cool then realized it 139$ a year that’s absurd


Good idea but it disgusts me it cost way more than amazon prime which is why I think it’s a load of crap, something else is that they use this hack u get on the enternet to boost yours five stars even tho every rating is one star so I really hate this who ever made this app Is a hacker, scammer and should be arrested

12.99 a WEEK!

As neat as this app looks it’s not worth 12.99 a week! That’s more than 50.00 a month 😳 Thanks but no thanks!

I'll be dammed

Whomever created this app had to be drunk when they did. I would never pay that much for any apps. People have bills to pay so if you want to charge that much for an app that you listed as free you need to open up a store and offer something else with it. Please stop drinking.


So not what was advertised! Would like to know how it shows four stars when everyone is unanimous that it is over priced garbage.

Very pricey 💔

No way



Color call app

I did not think that it’s worth you money .


12.99 a week? Really? That’s insane. I read the other reviews and kind of rolled my eyes because they complained that it cost money. I get it. It should cost money. But seriously. 12.99 a week is excessive. I can’t even make that make sense. I don’t pay that much for amazon music and Netflix together every month!!!

Get rid of it



This app forcing you to pay for it. In order for the app to work you and the person you’re calling both have to have the app installed. I’ve been trying to delete this app for the past three weeks now. I do not know how to delete it if not give me any information on how to delete it I do not want to pay for the app because I nor anyone that I know uses the app. I thought it was going to be cool now that I have it it’s pretty much useless so they’re trying to get $139.00 from me!


Not FREE.. don’t down load


This is pathetic and stupid. No one wants to pay this much for something like this.

Don’t Download THIS APP

Downloaded this app and they charged me for nothing, when I saw that I had to pay for a ringtone, I immediately deleted the app and still they charged me!!!! Disappointing this app SHOULD BE DELETED!


Just don’t.

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