Color Your Call App Reviews

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Amazing app

This app is wonderful and it AWSOME go check it out



Don’t waste your time!

Free app, but you have to pay before you use it! $12.99 a week?? Yea ok! UNINSTALL


They make you pay 8.99 to “try it for free.” Waste of space....




This has to be the most expensive app I ever seen. Why?

This app just wants money

I opened the app and it says for a year it’s $140 just for a year and it also waisted my storage so if you are willing to pay $140 every year and waist your storage then you can do whatever you want but I wouldn’t want to SO DONT WAIST YOUR TIME

This App Is A Joke

This is down right ridiculous. Really 120. a year. Where would someone in today’s economy be able to blow 120. On an app.. I can’t even believe this is real. I thought it was a joke bad form

No worth

It is not a free app and they charge you $133 per year. Uninstalled


Of course it’s a free app but then they make you charge $13 a week. Haha


The first thing that pops up before you can enter the app is “rate us for 3 days of free usage”. That’s why they have so many good ratings. They charge $13 a WEEK for this app. Are you kidding me?! Deleted.


Horrible app. Don’t waste your time or money!!

Hate it

I dont like apps that we pay


8,99 a la semana!!! Están locos


I need help got this app and now I cannot get rid of the monthly payments


Buenísima amoooo esta aplicación

Why Buy a Free App if You Have to Pay For It!?!?!?

Seriously! 😤 // This is the worst, it’s just an app that colors calls, why need to pay monthly for it?!? Also, next time please tell us the full paying dentals in the bio! 😤😠🙄

It’s not free

I feel as thou if this was a Samsung you would get everything for free that has great apps .. I’ve been team iPhone for years but I think I might have go back

Nope do NOT download

It cost money and it’s just a rip off. This is a greedy app.




I thought this app would make my phone so pretty but then I find out I have to pay I mean it’s a free app I was like nnnnnnnn NO

Nah I’m good

When I saw the price i thought ok 8.99 , but then i saw 8.99 a week nah I’m good uninstalled


When you about to download this app it doesn’t say you have to pay....they is greedy


I don’t really like it bc you have to try it for free then pay


9 bucks a week to “color your calls” that’s just a load of crap.

Waste of money

You have to pay just to use it! What a waste

Mi amor

De mi vida


Nowhere when I downloaded this app did it say I would have to pay for anything. I thought I could make my phone calls colorful but to my surprise when I opened the app the first thing that came up was the fee. What a waste of time. ☹️


Ain’t no body got money for that


This garbage you should not have pay a subscription for a phone color thing😡

Don’t waste your time

This app is trash just makes you waste your time , as soon as you download it it tells your go pay 8.99 so please I’m warning you don’t download spend your money on something else that is actually worth it

Nope nope.

Literally can’t even use the app without money. Don’t install if you don’t want to spend money.

What's the deal????

$140 for what exactly? Y'all hyping up this app with hardly any reviews giving you props!!!

Fake apps

Please do not install this app, not working XXXXX

Terrible app ever!

First it say it is free but when the app is already downloaded you have to pay for 8.99$ so please do not waste your time with this wastefulness app.

Fake developer = Fake App

Wow. This dude actually faked his ratings. You can tell because everyone who rated this app rated 1 star but it shows 5 stars has the most. This dude paid people to give him fake stars like really


I got on the app and the first thing it said was start a 7 month free trial then pay $8.99 a month after

Horrible terrible liars

Don't ever use u have to pay $8.99 to use waste. Idiots morons and liars do not buy

Won’t let your cancel weekly $9 subscription

There is nowhere to cancel subscription and app is terrible.

Worst app don’t get!

I am so exited to “color my calls” but instead this stupid app shows me a trial I’m like so angry now . Don’t get this !!!

Misleading and deceptive

So basically you downloaded it under false pretenses that the app is free, but how can an app be free if as soon as you open it it says free trial 3 days then pay monthly or pay for the year. Even if I was willing to pay I wouldn’t do it just for the fact they should not be trusted for offering an app as free when it’s not. There’s something called free trials. I don’t know how the App Store allows this false advertising...

Please make it free

I mean the developer worked hard for this and to make it a think so I think give him or her some support please. But there is one problem they should fix developer please make it free so you get better reviews please


WORST APP EVER!!!!!!!!!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️🖕🏾




They want you to pay 9 dollars every week and won’t let you even try the app. I wouldn’t waste your time and storage on this 👎🏻

Hate it!!

I don’t see the option for uninstall this app. And I already receive the charges 😔

Worst app ever

It said for free and we have to pay to make lights for calling this is stupid it should be for free

Disgustingly demanding

Not only did these people charge money for you to have a wallpaper, but if you go through the reviews they used bots to up their deservingly low ratings.

Not what I thought

I saw this app on Instagram and it looks like it’s the colorful screen along with a really cool ringtone and the ringtones aren’t a part of it


I have better things to spend eight ninety nine a week on then that stupid price of crap app

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