Color Your Call App Reviews

Bad app

The application doesn’t have free to check if u like or not , the all need money , doesn’t even 1 mints free , DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP👎🏻

This app is really bad

If your app is free why would you need to pay for what you want to do. You refuse to allow people to access what they came to get by PAYING?!?! its no suprise that u get a one star hopefully u change this

Rip off

You would have to have more money than brains to spend $12.99 a week for this garbage.

Why pay?

Why do you have to pay because it’s just a ringer when someone calls u it’s just the color and the ringtone but same like the other why pay when the app can be a scam and you pay to much for the app it’s so dumb!

Not Free

This is free it’s a 3 day trial and u pay weekly monthly or year subscription. That’s just dumb!


I have to pay money? The hell, I ani't paying no nothing.


They offer this app for free, but what they are really offering is 3 days for free. I’d give it less than 1 star if I had the option. Lying is never a good idea.

U have to pay money I am just a kid and I dont have debit or credit car horbble.

Worst thing for kids

This is a rip-off

Okay so it’s got this app and I thought it was super cool cause Apple hasn’t made a update like this so I got this app which was free and I wondered why well not its free so I downloaded it and as soon as you get in it says FREE TRIAL beach what!? I didn’t wait ten minutes for this I don’t advice you download this app it’s a total waist of time.i wish I can give them no stars but to help you out just don’t download it


The commercial on YouTube won me over for this app. So I downloaded right away. The moment I opened it I was completely disappointed with the huge and I mean HUGE price in order to play it. It’s ridiculous!! And for them to not even give you a free mode for it just a 3 day free trial then after prepare your cards for bankruptcy... not worth it! A scam for sure. I deleted it the same moment I downloaded it... oh well could have been great.

Why doesn’t it say you have to pay for it

I thought it was going to be free no charge but NO the first screen was asking for money. Tell people in advance if you have to pay.


First of all, it costs way too much, with only a 3 day trial. So of course I selected “continue without pay” or whatever it said. I wanted to try it out, so after I set a theme I told one of my friends to call me, and I was actually excited. But all I saw was the same old gray call screen. I’m highly disappointed in this.. I do not recommend, don’t throw away your money for something that’s way overpriced and doesn’t even work.

Not free

Don’t download guys


Tf why do you want us to pay you so our friends can pay to let us use it for free

You think it’s free, but it’s not

I downloaded this app, excited to customize my calls. Unfortunately, the app wants you to pay for this. The app is ‘free’,but it’s not actually. Don’t get tricked ❤️


What are y’all smoking up there...CRACK? In what way is 29.99 justifiable?!!! I pay adobe cloud 29.99 and I get AI, PPC,ID,PS and like 20 other MASSIVE softwares! This is NOTHING compared to that. Maybe .99 cents a month but no way 29.99! Y’all are crazy and can keep the app!

Welcome to your 3 day trial 🤬

Disappointing. Deleted.

Just why

I would not recommend it. Don't buy a trial, and this is a waste of money

Me están robando dinero!!

Llevo 4 meses en el que mi dinero en diferentes cuentas están desapareciendo. Cuando entro a mis mensajes de email veo que esta aplicación sin yo tenerla descargada esta robándome constantemente $14.48!


You can’t even not do the free trial if you don’t have to someone tell me how you exit that thing


I 100% hate this app do not recommend BUYING IT even though it’s free you have a3day trial entering all your information such as password birth day


I lost 14 dollars with latterly nothing


I should get me a lawyer and sue you guys because the app is not free when something is free you do not pay for it and there is no fee for free trial.

Very bad

A failed program is deducted from your account and there is no way to stop the subscription


Have to pay for it. Of course. Junk, don’t download

Don’t say it’s free when it’s really not

13$ a week are u fricking crazy??? Seriously who is gonna pay that much money!! This app is NOT FREE!!! maybe 13$ a month but 13$ a week you guys are insane! good luck making money!

Lol like 500$ year if you pay weekly

Lololol for ringtones and colors

Bad do not by

It says it is free but it’s 13$ a week are you kidding me that’s awful who wants to pay that for something not that cool!

44.99$ really?

You expect me to buy this piece of crap yours for 44.99$ are you serious like it’s just an app 😬😔

Lamas jevi

Quiero cancelar la suscripción

Sucky app

Ok here’s my opinion I saw this app on an ad and I got really excited about it but then next thing u know hey to use this app pay some money I’m 13 years old I’m not gunna be able to pay 150 a YEAR yes a year for a stupid app I was really hoping for a good app but no u obviously didn’t think hey only Rich adults are gunna have this app no kids teens any one can get it idk y the apps still here but bye

Not a good app

Do not but this app it cost money and it says it is free on the App Store until you make an account and it starts charging you money

Bad app

This app is horrible be because I downloaded it and i went to the home screen and it said 3 days free then 13 a week come on now none wants to download a free app finding out you have to pay $30 a month then 140 dollars a year make it 50 a year hope you read it

User Be Aware Rip-Off Alert

This is a nice app but read the fine print. The app is free for three days only. Once your free trial is over it charges your account automatically $12.99 a week or $675.48 a year. There is a monthly subscription which costs $12.99 or $359.88 a year or the yearly subscription that costs $139.98. Basically this app is out to rip-off people. I can’t believe Apple has not shut it down. Be aware of this app I would steer clear of this app unless you have an extra $675 to throw away. The app itself is ok not a great app but an ok app. The graphics are smooth and me phone looks different when it rings. But for me to pay $675 or even the yearly subscription of $139 is excessive at the least. Not a good deal by any means.

Waste of Time

Even the current rating of the app don’t reflect accurately because if you look at the 5 & 4 Stars, they are complaining about how horrible the app is. Either they rated it first before they used it then left a bad review or the don’t understand the star system. This app is overly expensive. $13 a week! I’d be luck if I get 4 or 5 calls a day to even see the app work. Basically at 5 calls a day and $13 a week, you are paying $2.69 per call just to have a colorful ring show that only lasts a few seconds. The free version allows you to accept calls, but not make them. I didn’t even wait time trying out the free version, because like normal people, I also make calls, not just receive them. I would never recommend this app or redownload it, or even look at the specs before downloading it. First impression is everything and when you lose a customers faith in being reasonable, it’s gone.


Hate this, DONT GET THIS APP it makes you pay just to use it and only has a trial for 3 days then ya know 13 fricken dollars a week is too much

To be honest...

Okay so I found this app on an add for YouTube. I think it sounds cool getting to edit your call but this happens. If you are going to download this app then read this for a little. When it says “Free” really there just buying you into spending money on an app. As soon as you enter the app you get an “Free calls for a month”. All it makes you do is buy a membership just to get in the app. If your gonna make people pay ridiculous amounts of money then at least make this app $1 or so to buy. If you read all of this than please reconsider. This app is a gold-digging app.


Don’t bother can’t even use it without paying...arrogant developers and apples outrageous price to upload a game or whatever into their store...I get why there’s a price but the price isn’t worth paying...maybe five bucks a month or fifty bucks a year but the person who created this app has a head way bigger than it should be...

Do not buy unless you really want it

They should at least just use a couple songs for free instead of having to pay for a week

Free? Yeah right

I saw this as an ad on YouTube, and I thought it would be a cool, free way to have dancing things when someone calls me. But noooooooo, I was wrong. You need to pay to use the app. Don’t download this, waste of time.

Subscription Service Awful

This app when advertised looks really cool but not worth paying monthly. I didn’t even want to try the free trial because there is no need for stress over an feature that is not necessary. If they made the app FREE and found another way to make money that wouldn’t affect the user experience then I would give it a try. Otherwise, great idea but poorly thought out.

Surprise... they just want money!!!!

They want money


I have faith in this

Why Won’t It Load The App

So I’ve been stuck on this “starting page” for almost an hour. Is this supposed to happen? How do I customize my calls?

Cancel this subscription

Why duh fuk dont you have a button to cancel the subscription i need to cancel asap..

Over praised

$12 a week after a 3 day trial. It’s just a phone service:|


Ok, I’m a 10 year old boy but come on! I gotta pay for this?


This is Outrageous that you would of charge $13.00 a week for this. Not worth it!!!

Please read if you want to save money

If you want to save money this is why you are ready this so I got this app and after my call was over it said free trial and if you do pick free trial you will only make about a week and after that it cost 13 dollars a week I don’t really like this part of the app I’m trying to tell you this so that you won’t be disappointed like I was

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